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It is our purpose as well as our mission at Collect Your Judgment to ensure you are paid the judgment that a small claims court judge said was rightfully yours. To that end, we offer the following services:

Before a claim is filed:

  • If you are contemplating filing a law suit against someone in small claims court, we can help you decide the best method to use and how to prepare.
  • We can provide some samples of demand letters and documents that you can use before the suit becomes necessary.
  • Collect Your Judgment can provide you with methods to determine the ability of the defendant to pay should you decide to go to court.
  • We are continually developing information which can provide you the resources necessary to make an informed decision as to the road to take to win your judgment.
  • If you have a choice of people or businesses to target in the law suit, we can provide the methodology to help you determine who would prove to be the best defendant(s).
  • Finally, Collect Your Judgment can guide you to the resources for preparing the paperwork and evidence for court to ensure you have the best chance for success.

After you win your judgment:

  • Collect Your Judgment has and continues to develop resources to help you step out of the court room — hopefully victorious — and down the road to collecting what was awarded to you.
  • We can provide sample demand letters here for use after court and to begin the process of collection.
  • We can help you in your search for the defendants assets, property, bank accounts, etc.
  • Collect Your Judgment will provide you the resources and help you navigate the several types of garnishments and other collection methods that are available for you to utilize.
  • We will ensure that you understand the strategies and know the potential costs of each.
  • Collect Your Judgment will always maintain a list of outside resources for your use and will put you in contact with legal services as necessary.

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Tip of the Week

September 27, 2010

If you have been awarded a judgment, waited the 30 days required, sent a demand letter giving the debtor a time limit for paying his/her debt; what should you do if you still have no money? You know that the court can do little, but before you take steps to garnish wages or bank accounts, consider suggesting negotiation or mediation if the debtor gives any impression that they want to settle the matter.

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