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How Collect Your Judgment .org Can Help with Your Small Claims Judgement Collection

There are many resources on this website to help you with your judgment collection (or “judgmement collection,” if you prefer the alternate spelling).

Articles on How to Collect Your Judgment

A good place to start is our judgment collection resources page. Read through the articles that relate to your situation. If you have not yet filed your claim and need general information about small claims, or if want to read about what you can do now to make your future judgment collection easier, you can also read the articles on our general resources page. Or, you can check out the list of Other Resources on the right side of this page. These are links to external sites that can help with the small claims judgment collection process, or help with resolving your dispute without going to court.

In the left sidebar, there are some Document Samples that you may be able to use to collect your judgment.

Professional Help

Although Collect Your Judgment .org cannot provide legal advice, we can help direct you to the resources that you need. Read through our website to learn about the different types of garnishments and other collection methods that are available for you to use.

State Rules

The rules for collection your small claims judgment vary from state to state. You may want to check out the statues of limitations for small claims by state. Or, hop over to the Focus on the States page, where we are building a library of state-specific information on small claims judgement collection.

Resources for
collecting your judgment

General Methods for Collecting Your Judgment

More judgement collection and judgment enforcement articles & resources

Article of the month

Bank Account Garnishment

What You Should Know
Before You File a Claim

Resolving Claims without Going to Court

Important Terms to Know

More pre-litigation articles and resources...

States—A Closer Look at Small Claims

This month’s focus: Michigan

All states

Document Samples

Collect Your Judgment Links

Small Claims Court Links to each State

Other Resources

Tip of the Week

September 27, 2010

If you have been awarded a judgment, waited the 30 days required, sent a demand letter giving the debtor a time limit for paying his/her debt; what should you do if you still have no money? You know that the court can do little, but before you take steps to garnish wages or bank accounts, consider suggesting negotiation or mediation if the debtor gives any impression that they want to settle the matter.

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